LiquiLoans - Best Alternative to Fixed Deposits


Earn up to 9.5% Annualized Return on Safe Investment

About Liquiloans

An online peer to peer lending platform whereby we leverage new age technology to match credit worthy borrowers and lenders basis their risk appetite

Create a sustainable alternate investment opportunity that should be part of each investor’s portfolio

Business Highlights

New Asset Class : P 2 P acts like a new asset class for investors It is a short term, liquid debt instrument with significant higher returns than a liquid debt fund

Demand Sourcing Strategy : Company has done exclusive online and offline partnerships for sourcing loans on the platform Focus on salaried class, high quality prime borrowers, with requirement of low average ticket sizes

RBI Regulated NBFC : P 2 P Platforms are regulated by the RBI with stringent quarterly reporting criteria thus creating a safe asset class

How does P2P work?

Lenders can view all the Borrower profiles made live on the platform

They can invest directly or the platform can auto invest in loans that match their risk appetite

Lenders transfer the money into a regulated PSU Bank escrow account for funding the loan

Borrowers register on the platform and apply for a loan

Each borrower is assigned a rating post stringent verifications and underwriting process; only 15 20% of the Borrowers are made live on the platform


Historically, only banks and large institutions could invest in consumer credit. With Liquiloans, you can get new access to an asset class that institutions have enjoyed for decades, diversify your portfolio, and potentially earn competitive returns.

  1. Liquiloans offers investors access to the consumer credit asset class which, until recently has historically been available only to banks and large institutions.
  2. Stringent checks and balances
  3. Live updates on performance of the portfolio

Like most investment option, Company Fixed Deposits are a mixed bag. Company FDs can be an interesting investment option if you know how to select the right FD, and how to avoid the no-so-good ones. Here are some of the points that investors should keep in mind.

Comparison across Asset Classes

LiquiLoans as an invest opportunity against the traditional investment classes

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