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Advances in medicine and surgery are helping us in treatment of illnesses and disorder better. Maintaining good heath is integral to build and realize your dreams. On the other hand, imbalanced lifestyles, pollution, use of chemicals in our food, increasing population density, has also increased the incidence of illnesses, diseases and accidents. The best option to face this challenge is prevention rather than cure. The second best and inevitable option is HEALTH INSURANCE.

Health Insurance is a cover that offers protection against financial losses one may incur in the event of illness, disease or accidents. It is a commitment by the insurance company to indemnify the policy holder against the medical expenses.

The medical inflation in India is well over double digits. The importance of Health Insurance can hardly be overemphasized. It helps you secure your goals against unforeseen eventualities. The financial loss can be even more damaging when the sole breadwinner of the family falls ill and the unfortunate even of his/her being incapacited to earn the situation can be very devastating , often resulting in bankruptancies forgoing the family’s goals, lowering of living standards.

IN very simple terms health insurance can be broadly classified as COMPENSATORY — wherein the policy holder is reimbursed the actual cost( with the limits of policy purchased) incurred in treating his or her medical condition — and BENEFICIARY -wherein the policy holder is paid the sum assured as per the policy conditions.The claim under BENEFICIARY policies is paid over and above or rather irrespective of the claim paid under a compensatory policy.

The commonly known “medical insurance’’ is normally a compensatory policy and is available in numerous variants in which the following elements have different permutations and combinations.

  1. Sum Assured
  2. Hospitalization Benefits
  3. Room Rent Eligiblity
  4. Non-Medical Charges
  5. Outpatient Dept Charges
  6. Deductible
  7. Ambulance Charges
  8. Limit per hospitalization
  9. Pre-and Post Hospitalisation reimbursements
  10. Daycare Treatment Charges
  11. Cumulative Bonus
  12. Restoration Benefits, maternity benefits, Waiting Period, Cooling Period, Continuity Benefit, Portability conditions and benefit, Top UP Cover

There can be some add-on benefits in the form of riders——-Waiver of cumulative Bonus Forfeiture, Hospitalization Daily Cash, Health Checkup, Health Returns, and other related benefits.

The BENEFICIARY POLICIES normally have a list of specified illnesses and conditions to be fulfilled.

These illnesses normally are critical in nature/life threatening / require special care and costly prolonged treatment. They often affect a person’s lifestyle and earning capabilities and involve repetitive cash outflows. Some of the major critical illnesses prevailent in India, along with the average costs are shown here.:

Today the longetivity of an average Indian has gone up to 69.73 yrs (from 38 years in 1950)

However, the incidence of major diseases / critical illness has also gone up. Therefore the CRITICAL ILLNESS cover is now an essential element of your Financial Planning and Security.

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