Estate Planning - Peacefully Pass-on Your Hard Earned Wealth to Your Dear Ones



You work hard throughout your life building assets. And you probably do this to ensure financial safety and security to your loved ones.

But what would happen to these assets on your sudden demise? Have you given a thought to it?

That’s where estate planning comes into the picture.

Estate Planning is not only for the Rich and the Old. And it is not an exercise to be looked after post retirement.

Estate Planning simply refers to passing down of your residual assets from one generation to another.

Why Estate Planning?

  1. It ensures that after your death, your Estate (Residual Assets) will be distributed your wishes. In the absence of any such arrangement, The Law of the Land (Courts) will decide, which may not be as per your expectation.
  2. It brings in required clarity and minimises the disputes within the family.
  3. At times, based on the laws prevailing, it may reduce taxes. Especially, when inheritance taxes are in force. (Currently India has abolished inheritance tax. But for a couple of years, there have been discussions and proposals to re-introduce it.)
  4. No one wants to die young. But, if we have small / special kids, then we need to prepare you for the unthinkable. Estate Planning takes care of small kids including special children in a manner you have approved off. If you have not appointed the Guardians- whom you trust the most, then your children will be raised by guardians appointed by the Court.

Who is the best Judge to decide Guardian for your children?

You or the Court...?

Any day it is you.

That is where Estate Planning makes all the difference.

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